Imperial System

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Measurement - Units and Systems - Imperial System
... Before SI units were widely adopted around the world, the British systems of English units and later imperial units were used in Britain, the Commonwealth and the United States ... The system came to be known as U.S ... These various systems of measurement have at times been called foot-pound-second systems after the Imperial units for length, weight and time even ...
Government Of The Han Dynasty - Central Government - Emperor - Qin's Imperial Model
... Huang, the first ruler of the Qin Dynasty, established China's imperial system of government in 221 BC after unifying the Seven Warring States through conquest, bringing to an end the Warring States Period ... The imperial system fell apart after the fall of Qin in 206 BC ... However, following Han's victory over Chu, the King of Han reestablished the imperial system and is known posthumously as Emperor Gaozu (r ...
Customary Units In The United States - Units of Mass
... historically been five different English systems of mass tower, apothecaries', troy, avoirdupois, and metric ... Of these, the avoirdupois weight is the most common system used in the U.S ... The imperial system, which is still used for some measures in the UK and other Commonwealth countries, is based on avoirdupois, with variations from U.S ...

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    Each generation’s job is to question what parents accept on faith, to explore possibilities, and adapt the last generation’s system of values for a new age.
    Frank Pittman (20th century)

    When your fathers fixed the place of GOD,
    And settled all the inconvenient saints,
    Apostles, martyrs, in a kind of Whipsnade,
    Then they could set about imperial expansion
    Accompanied by industrial development.
    —T.S. (Thomas Stearns)