Immersion may refer to:

  • Immersion therapy overcoming fears through confrontation
  • Baptism by immersion
  • Immersion Games a developer of video games
  • Immersion lithography or immersion microscopy, optical techniques in which liquid is between the objective and image plane in order to raise numerical aperture
  • Language immersion, a method of teaching a second language in which the target language is used for instruction
  • Immersion (mathematics), a smooth map whose differential is everywhere injective, related to the mathematical concept of an embedding
  • Telepresence, also called teleimmersion
  • Immersion (virtual reality), the state of consciousness where an immersant's awareness of physical self is diminished or lost by being surrounded in an engrossing total environment
  • Immersion Corporation, a haptic technology developer
  • Immersion heater, a kind of water heater
  • Immersion journalism, a style of journalism
  • Immersion (album), the third album from Australian electronica and drum and bass group Pendulum
  • Immersion (series), a webseries created by Rooster Teeth Productions

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Solvent Degreasing - Process - Immersion
... Soaking is typically the most common application of this process ... The material is left to soak until all the dirt or contaminates are removed from the surface ...
Simultaneous Immersion Mirau Interferometer
... In immersion Mirau interferometry, the interference patterns needed to reproduce the image are acquired at different times and vibrations, if they exist, prevent ... Thus immersion Mirau interferometery is very sensitive to vibrations ... This is known as a simultaneous immersion Mirau interferometer ...
Immersion Exhibit
... An immersion exhibit is a naturalistic zoo environment that gives visitors the sense they're actually in the animals' habitats ... By recreating sights and sounds from natural environments, immersion exhibits provide an indication about how animals live in the wild ... The landscape immersion term and approach were developed in 1975 through the efforts of David Hancocks at Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo ...
Cesar Chavez Elementary School - Two-way Immersion
... Two-way immersion, also known as TWI is an idea and technique that Cesar Chavez Elementary uses at their school ... speakers) the Davis school district has implanted this type of immersion into Cesar Chavez, as well ... Some would call it a success and only do an immersion program with two-way immersion program intact and in place ...