Imamura (今村, characters for "now" and "village") is a Japanese surname:

  • Akitsune Imamura (今村 明恒, Imamura Akitsune?, Kagoshima, 14 June, 1870 – 1 January, 1948) was a Japanese seismologist.
  • Fumio Imamura (born 1966), Japanese race walker
  • Imamura Gen’emon (今村源右衛門, Imamura Gen’emon?, Nagasaki, December 6, 1671 – September 22, 1736), notable interpreter for, among others, German botanist and physician in the employ of the Dutch East India Company Engelbert Kaempfer
  • Hitoshi Imamura, June 28, 1886 – October 4, 1968, was a general in the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II
  • Naoki Imamura is a Japanese voice actor
  • Shohei Imamura (今村 昌平, Imamura Shōhei?, Tokyo, 15 September 1926 – 30 May 2006) was a Japanese film director
  • Taihei Imamura was a Japanese film theorist
  • Takaya Imamura is a Japanese artwork designer for Nintendo
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Shikō Imamura
... Shikō Imamura (今村 紫紅, Imamura Shikō?, 1880–1916) was a Japanese artist whose work is featured at the Yokohama Museum of Art ...
Akitsune Imamura
... Akitsune Imamura (今村 明恒, Imamura Akitsune?, Kagoshima, 14 June, 1870 – 1 January, 1948) was a Japanese seismologist ... working for the Seismological Observatory of Tokyo University, Imamura made a reconstruction of Zhang Heng's seismometer (132 CE), considered to have been the first such device ever made ...
Shōhei Imamura - Early Career
... Upon graduation from Waseda in 1951, Imamura began his film career working as an assistant to Yasujirō Ozu at Shochiku Studios on the films Early Summer ... Imamura, however, found himself uncomfortable with the highly refined and restrained way Ozu was portraying Japanese society in his films of this ... While Imamura's films were to have a quite different style from Ozu's, Imamura, like Ozu, was to focus on what he saw as particularly Japanese elements of society in his films ...
Japanese New Wave - Directors and Themes - Shōhei Imamura
... Alongside Nagisa Oshima, Shōhei Imamura became one of the more famous of the Japanese New Wave filmmakers ... Imamura's work was less overtly political than Oshima or several filmmakers who emerged later in the 1960s ... Nevertheless, Imamura in many ways became a standard-bearer for the Japanese New Wave through his very last feature (Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, 2001), Imamura ...