Illyrian may refer to:

  • Illyrian languages
  • Illyrians
  • Illyrian tribes
  • Adjective for Illyria
  • Adjective for Illyrism

Other articles related to "illyrian, illyrians":

Late Roman Army - Evolution of The 4th-century Army - Illyrian Military Junta
... By the 3rd century, Romanised Illyrians and Thracians, mostly primipilares and their descendants, came to dominate the army's senior officer echelons ... Finally, the Illyrian/Thracian officer class seized control of the state itself ... was overthrown by a coup d'état organised by a clique of Illyrian senior officers, including his successors Claudius II Gothicus and Aurelian (270–75) ...
... Thraco-Illyrian refers to a hypothesis that the Thraco-Dacian and Illyrian languages comprise a distinct branch of Indo-European ... Thraco-Illyrian is also used as a term merely implying a Thracian-Illyrian interference, mixture or sprachbund, or as a shorthand way of saying that it is not ... New publications argued that no strong evidence for Thraco-Illyrian exists, and that the two language-areas show more differences than correspondences (Vladimir Georgiev, Ivan Duridanov, Eric Hamp, et al.) ...
Lezhë Castle
... The castle originates from Illyrian times ... The castle bears traces of Illyrian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman architecture ... mosque, the tower of the south-eastern wall with a Roman arch, and the Illyrian tower on the southern wall ...
The Eagle In The Sand - Characters
... Lucius Cornelius Macro (Centurion of the Second Illyrian) Quintus Licinius Cato (Centurion of the Second Illyrian) Scrofa (Prefect of the Second Illyrian) Gaius Larius ...