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Illegitimacy In Fiction - Written Works - Victorian
... (1847 novel) Krutsifersky is the tutor of Lyubonka, an illegitimate daughter of the retired general, Negrov ... given to Lyubonka's illegitimacy was of personal concern to Herzen, who was himself illegitimate ... Thackeray, The History of Henry Esmond (1852 historical novel) illegitimate protagonist, set during the English Restoration ...
Prince Tudor Theory - Prince Tudor Part I - Percy Allen
... In this he argues that Elizabeth and Oxford had an illegitimate child, who was given the name William Hughes, and who became an actor under the stage-name "William ... As an illegitimate child, Hughes/Shakespeare had a "bar sinister" and could never have inherited the crown, but was "a glorious future for England that remained unrealised", as Helen Hackett puts it ... an actor son of the Earl's, not that the boy was a child of the queen ...
List Of Monk Characters - Recurring Characters and Special Appearances - Judge Ethan Rickover
... results in Trudy becoming pregnant with his child ... After the baby was born, Rickover covers up the illegitimate child by telling Wendy Stroud, the midwife, to tell Trudy that her baby died about nine minutes after birth and to put the child up for adoption ... threatens to tell the press about his and Trudy's illegitimate child, which would ruin his confirmation chances ...
Princess Sophia Of The United Kingdom - Adulthood - Illegitimate Child
... Gossip soon spread of the existence of an illegitimate child ... Some historians contend that, sometime before August 1800 in Weymouth, Sophia gave birth to a child fathered by Garth ... Fraser believes the rumours that Sophia had a child, but has questioned whether the child was fathered by Garth, or Sophia's brother the Duke of Cumberland ...

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    Russian Communism is the illegitimate child of Karl Marx and Catherine the Great.
    Clement Attlee (1883–1967)

    There are no illegitimate children, only illegitimate parents—if the term is to be used at all.
    Bernadette McAliskey (Nee Devlin)