IIB may refer to:

  • IIb, a diamond type
  • IIb, a type of type II supernova
  • "Ice Ice Baby", a hip hop song written by American rapper Vanilla Ice
  • International Patent Institute (Institut International des Brevets), an intellectual property organisation established on June 6, 1947
  • Islamic International Brigade, an international unit of Islamist mujahideen founded in 1998
  • KBC Bank Ireland, (established in 1973 as Irish Intercontinental Bank), one of the leading non-retail banks in Ireland
  • Type II string theory (type IIB), described by type IIB supergravity in ten dimensions

Other articles related to "iib":

Sud Aviation Vautour - Design
... The IIB bomber lacked radar or any other modern nav/attack systems, weapons being aimed by the bombardier in a glass nose section with a World War II-vintage Norden bombsight ... Both the IIB and IIA were limited to clear-weather day use ... IIA in a frontline capacity, and most IIB bombers were converted to IIBR standard for photo recce work ...
H-II Transfer Vehicle - Flights
... The first vehicle was launched on an H-IIB rocket, a more powerful version of the earlier H-IIA, at 1701 GMT on 10 September 2009, from Launch Pad 2 of the Yoshinobu Launch Complex at the Tanegashima ... HTV Launch date/time Carrier rocket Re-entry date/time HTV-1 10 September 2009, 1701 (UTC) H-IIB F1 1 November 2009, 2126 (UTC) HTV-2 22 January 2011, 053757 (UTC) H-IIB F2 30 March ...
The Listener (TV Series) - Plot - Season Three (2012)
... Toby stopped being a confidential informant for IIB after Liz Simmons was killed ... Toby joins IIB as a special consultant, working for the IIB the majority of the time, while picking up shifts as a paramedic ...
... H-IIB (H2B) is an expendable launch system used to launch H-II Transfer Vehicles (HTV) towards the International Space Station ... H-IIB rockets are liquid-fuelled with solid-fuel strap-on boosters and are launched from the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan ... responsible for design, manufacture, and operation of H-IIB ...