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Innate Immune Evasion - Evasion of The Innate Immune System By Virus.
... an effective antiviral state in a cell is essentially due to the role played by type I interferons (IFN) (Akira et al ... These molecules are translocated in the nucleus, where they induce IFN production with the presence of C-Jun (transcription factor) and ATF-2 (activating ... Then, IFN bind to the IFN receptors and induce the expression of hundreds of interferon-stimulated genes (ISG) by the JAK/STAT pathway ...

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    The growing of food and the growing of children are both vital to the family’s survival.... Who would dare make the judgment that holding your youngest baby on your lap is less important than weeding a few more yards in the maize field? Yet this is the judgment our society makes constantly. Production of autos, canned soup, advertising copy is important. Housework—cleaning, feeding, and caring—is unimportant.
    Debbie Taylor (20th century)