Ideal Ruler

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Religious Ethics - Confucian Ethics
... (Chinese 孟子 pinyin mèng zĭ), argued that the ideal ruler is the one who (as Confucius put it) "acts like the North Star, staying in place while the other stars orbit around it" ... In other words, the ideal ruler does not go out and force the people to become good, but instead leads by example ... The ideal ruler fosters harmony rather than laws ...

Famous quotes containing the words ruler and/or ideal:

    Who made you a ruler and judge over us?
    Bible: Hebrew, Exodus 2:14.

    Hebrews to Moses.

    Most fatal, most hateful of all things is bullying.... Sensual bullying of course is fairly easily detected. What is more dangerous is ideal bullying. Bullying people into what is ideally good for them.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)