Hyperbolic refers to something related to or in shape of hyperbola (a type of curve), or to something employing the literary device of hyperbole (overstatement or plausible exaggeration).

The following topics are based on the hyperbola etymology:

  • Hyperbolic equilibrium point
  • Hyperbolic function
  • Hyperbolic geometry
  • Hyperbolic group
  • Hyperbolic growth
  • Hyperbolic paraboloid (not to be confused with hyperboloid)
  • Hyperbolic manifold
  • Hyperbolic space
  • Hyperboloid structure
  • Hyperbolic trajectory

Other articles related to "hyperbolic":

SL2(R) - Classification of Elements - Hyperbolic Elements
... The eigenvalues for a hyperbolic element are both real, and are reciprocals ... Euclidean plane, and the corresponding element of PSL(2,R) acts as a translation of the hyperbolic plane and as a Lorentz boost on Minkowski space ... Hyperbolic elements of the modular group act as Anosov diffeomorphisms of the torus ...
Linda Keen - Contributions
... addition to studying Riemann surfaces, Keen has worked in hyperbolic geometry, Kleinian groups and Fuchsian groups, complex analysis, and hyperbolic dynamics ... In the field of hyperbolic geometry, she is known for the Collar lemma ...
Hyperbolic Law Of Cosines
... In hyperbolic geometry, the law of cosines is a pair of theorems relating the sides and angles of triangles on a hyperbolic plane, analogous to the planar law of cosines from plane trigonometry, or ... Take a hyperbolic plane whose Gaussian curvature is ... Then given a hyperbolic triangle ABC with angles α, β, γ, and side lengths BC = a, AC = b, and AB = c, the following two rules hold considering the ...