Hyper may refer to:

  • A prefix used in mathematics to denote four or more dimensions, see four-dimensional space and higher dimension
    • Hypercube, a cube d, where d > 3 (the word tesseract was used, especially in nineteenth and early twentieth century British semi-popular books on mathematics, to denote the special case d = 4
    • Hyperplane, an affine subspace of codimension one in such a space
    • Hypersphere, a round sphere of dimension higher than 2, especially if embedded in such a space
    • Hypersurface, a submanifold of codimension one, especially if embedded in such a space (including hypersphere and hyperplane as special cases)
  • A prefix often used in scientific and technical words, to denote something above or beyond the usual, normal, expected, or healthy level. Sometimes used to mean extreme or specifically "more than super-".
    • Hypersonic, much faster than the speed of sound, i.e. extremely supersonic
    • Hypernova, an explosion of an exceptionally large star i.e. even larger than a supernova
    • Hyperthermia, a condition of abnormally (and dangerously) high body temperature
  • Hyperoperation, an arithmetic operation beyond exponentiation
  • Hyperstructure, an algebraic structure equipped with at least one multivalued operation
  • Hyper (magazine), an Australian video game magazine
  • A slang term used to refer to hyperactivity, a medical notion describing a state in which a person is abnormally excitable and exuberant
  • Hyper-threading, an implementation of simultaneous multithreading technology
  • Hyper Island, a Swedish educational company
  • Hyper (TV channel), an Philippine sports Pay TV Channel.
  • Hyper TV, a TV Portal from Turkey
  • Hyper engine, a hypothetical aircraft engine design
  • DJ Hyper, a British electronic musician and producer of his band "Hyper"
  • Europe Sails Hyper, an Austrian hang glider

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