Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen production is the family of industrial methods for generating hydrogen. Currently the dominant technology for direct production is steam reforming from hydrocarbons. Many other methods are known including electrolysis and thermolysis.

In 2006, the United States was estimated to have a production capacity of 11 million tonnes of hydrogen. 5 million tonnes of hydrogen were consumed on-site in oil refining, and in the production of ammonia (Haber process) and methanol (reduction of carbon monoxide). 0.4 million tonnes were an incidental by-product of the chlor-alkali process.

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... non-sulphur (PNS) bacteria Rhodobacter sphaeroides is able to produce hydrogen from a wide range of organic compounds (chiefly organic acids) and light ... The photo-system required for hydrogen production in Rhodobacter (PS-I), differ from its oxygenic photosystem (PS-II) due to the requirement of organic acids and the inability to oxidize ... Therefore, hydrogen production is sustained without inhibition from generated oxygen ...
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... For more details on this topic, see Hydrogen production ... The molecular hydrogen needed as an on-board fuel for hydrogen vehicles can be obtained through many thermochemical methods utilizing natural gas, coal (by a process known as coal gasification), liquefied. 95% of hydrogen is produced using natural gas, and 85% of hydrogen produced is used to remove sulfur from gasoline ...
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... For small-scale production of hydrogen water purifiers are installed to prevent formation of minerals on the surface of the electrodes and to remove organics ...
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... For small-scale production of hydrogen, reverse osmosis is sometimes used to prevent formation of minerals on the surface of electrodes ...
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... Hydrogen is mainly used for the conversion of heavy petroleum fractions into lighter ones via the process of hydrocracking and other petroleum fractions (dehydrocyclization and the ... Hydrogen is mainly used for the production of ammonia via Haber process ... In this case, the hydrogen is produced in situ ...

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