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Environmental Impact-minimizing Vehicle Tuning - General Tuning
... Hybridization change to a hybrid electric vehicle ... One can use an aftermarket kit for the powertrain or use a hybrid adapter trailer ... Modifying key engine-selection parameters in the Battery Management System of a hybrid vehicle ...
MAN Lion's City - Electric Versions - Hybrid Electric
... MAN AG Bus sells the plenibus Lion's City Hybrid, which uses supercapacitors and two 67 kW electric motors ... Hybrid electric buses offer increased efficiency in urban traffic and use 30% less fuel than combustion-only buses ... The Lion's City Hybrid is used in Barcelona, Cádiz, Cologne, Madrid, Málaga, Murcia, San Sebastián, Seville, Valladolid, Lisbon, Oporto, São Paulo, São Bernardo do Campo and Santo André ...
Peugeot RC - Hybrid Electric
... Further information Plug-in hybrid Peugeot has presented in the Paris Motor Show a new concept hybrid electric sports sedan ... Chevy Volt, the 2009 Peugeot RC concept promises the ability to run solely off electric power for extended periods, with a hybrid electric powertrain filling in the ...
Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Vehicle Types - Trucks
... In 2003, GM introduced a hybrid diesel-electric military (light) truck, equipped with a diesel electric and a fuel cell auxiliary power unit ... Hybrid electric light trucks were introduced in 2004 by Mercedes Benz (Sprinter) and Micro-Vett SPA (Daily Bimodale) ... have been selected to manufacture diesel-electric hybrid trucks for a US pilot program serving the utility industry in 2004 ...
Cornell 100+ MPG Team - Blog Articles
2008 - Cornell Auto X Prize Team Hacks Metro Geo Chassis for 100-mpg Hybrid - "Electric power generation may be the most complex and innovative aspect of building a hybrid for the ... We ordered supplies for transforming our Geo Metro into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle after our last update, and with much of our hardware in house, we’ve begun work on the mule—and its ... ride was an important step in developing our plug-in hybrid entry, but over the next semester the real hands-on work gets interesting..." November 9, 2007 - PM's Auto X Prize ...

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