Hung Gar

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Hong Cha
... Because of these traits, Hong Cha is similar to Hung Gar ... Like Hung Gar and other Southern Shaolin-based styles, Hong Cha techniques are based on the Five Animals system Dragon, Tiger, Crane, Leopard, and Snake ... Hung Gar incorporates these animals forms too but with primary emphasis on the Tiger and Crane ...
Fu Jow Pai - Influences
... Masters trained in the following additional styles Wong Bil Hong mastered Hung Gar under Wong Kei-Ying and his son, Wong Fei-Hung ... Wong Moon Toy mastered Hung Gar under Wong Bil Hong and Mizongyi under Lau Chook Fung and Doon Yuk Ching before training in Hark Fu Moon with his uncle, Wong Bil Hong ... Wai Hong also learned (most notably) Hung Gar, Mizongyi, Choy Lee Fut, and T'ai chi ch'uan ...

Famous quotes containing the words gar and/or hung:

    ‘O fy gar ride, and fy gar rin,
    And haste ye find these traitors again;
    For she’s be burnt and he’s be slain,
    The wearifu’ gaberlunzie man.’
    Unknown. The Gaberlunzie Man (l. 49–52)

    I try
    to kill myself in small amounts,
    an innocuous occupation.
    Actually I’m hung up on it.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)