Hue Montgomery

Following the success of the film There's Something About Mary, the sixties hit "Build Me Up Buttercup" became a hit all over again. The Foundations were reformed in the late 1990s. Colin Young who originally sang lead on "Build Me Up Buttercup" left this version band and was replaced by the veteran R&B singer Hue "The Duke" Montgomery in 1999. With Montgomery as the lead singer they toured the UK and Australia.
Hue Montgomery is regarded by some as the best soul singer in Britain today. He has continued to front this version of group as well as appearing around different venues in the UK.

Prior to Montgomery coming on board the band consisted of

And after Colin Young left the band consisted of

  • Hue Montgomery (vocals)
  • Alan Warner (guitar)
  • Steve Bingham (bass)
  • Gary Moberley (keyboards)
  • Steve Dixon (drums)
  • Unknown (horn section)

A recent line up consisted of

  • Hue Montgomery (lead Vocals)
  • Dave Graham (guitarist/vocals)
  • Gary Moberly (keyboards)
  • Sam Kelly (percussion)
  • Steve Bingham (bass guitar)
  • Alan Walsh (saxophone)

As of January 2009 it seemed that Alan Warner had teamed up with Hue Montgomery again and were booked to play at the Charnwood Club in Shelthorpe, Loughborough and the West End Club in Coalville.

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