Hsu is a Wade-Giles romanization of one of two Chinese surnames:

  1. Chinese: 徐; pinyin: ; WadeGiles: hsü2
  2. simplified Chinese: 许; traditional Chinese: 許; pinyin: ; Wade–Giles: hsü3

The equivalent in the pinyin romanization of Mandarin is Xu.

Hsu as a surname may refer to:

  • Dan Hsu (born 1971), American Video game critic
  • Dee Hsu
  • Evonne Hsu
  • Feng-hsiung Hsu
  • Francis Hsu
  • Hsu Hai-ching
  • Hsu Hsing-liang
  • Jenny Hsu, of the band Other Lives
  • Jerry Hsu
  • Kenneth J. Hsu (born 1929), Swiss scientist
  • Norman Hsu (born 1951), American businessman
  • Steve Hsu
  • T. C. Hsu
  • Valen Hsu
  • Vivian Hsu
  • Yuki Hsu
  • Hsu Wei Lun
  • Hsu Yun

In addition, Hsu appears as part of the names of:

  • Magdalen Hsu-Li
  • Hsu Hao, a character in Mortal Kombat

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