HP 9000 - Workstation Models - Series 500

Series 500

The Series 500s started out as the HP 9020, HP 9030, and HP 9040. They were renamed the HP Series 500 Model 20, 30, and 40 shortly after introduction, and later renamed again as the HP 9000 Model 520, 530 and 540. The 520 was a complete workstation with built-in keyboard, display, 5.25-inch floppy disk, and optional thermal printer and 5 MB hard disk. The 520 could run BASIC or HP-UX and there were three different models based on the displays attached (two color and one monochrome). The 530 was a rackmount version of the Series 500, could only run HP-UX, and used a serial interface console. The 540 was a 530 mounted inside a cabinet, similar to the disk drives offered at the time and included a serial MUX. Later models of the Series 500s were the 550 and 560, which had a completely different chassis and could be connected to graphics processors. The processors in the original Series 500s ran at 20 MHz, and could reach a benchmark speed of 1 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second), equivalent to a VAX-11/780 (the benchmark "standard" at the time). They could be networked together and with 200 and 300 series using the SRM (Shared Resource Manager).

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