HP-IL - How To Insert The HP-IL : GPIB Converter Into The Loop

How To Insert The HP-IL : GPIB Converter Into The Loop

One interesting accessory is the HP-L GPIB converter. With it, the HP-IL module and one 41 calculator, you can controll an expressive number of devices that implements such GPIB (IEEE-488 or HP-IB) interface.

There are two operation modes for this converter: Translator - the HP-IL controller will command all HP-IL devices and all HP-IB devices; Mailbox - the two systems - HP-IL and HP-IB - have their own controller. The converter may receive data from one system and can be read by the other system. The must be set on the GP-IB converter by the thumb-key m, the most left key.

In Translator mode, the converter must be the last in the HP-IL loop; in Mailbox the position doesn't import.

All GP-IB equipments have their own physical address and also the converter, set by thumb-keys or by their micro-processor. So, if they are connected to an HP-IL loop, care must be taken on HP-IL adresses and GP-IB addresses.

In the Translator mode, you must ensure that the converter has its own GP-IB address higher than the number of devices on HP-IL loop. Let's put it as #10. So, the devices on GP-IB system may have any address from #11 to #30.

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