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Genie (feral Child) - Early History - Characteristics and Personality
... would be equally weak the day after her admission to Children's Hospital, Kent noticed she had little difficulty using her fingers to flip through the ... After moving into Children's Hospital, Genie showed interest in many members of the hospital staff, often approaching complete strangers in the hospital and walking with them Kent said that, even at the ... particular, including members of her own family at first, she seemed much more interested in hospital staff than her family ...
International Security Assistance Force - Contributing Nations - NATO Nations
... serious wounds and passed away in a Kandahar hospital, while their team arrested 11 Afghan police agents, responsible for the attack ... Field Hospital at Kabul International Airport was deployed in March 2007 and consists of 81 medical and 30 NBC protection personnel ... were announced by the French Chief of the Defense Staff, the admiral Édouard Guillaud ...
Martin Luther King, Jr. Multi-Service Ambulatory Care Center - History - Plans To Reopen The Hospital
... The county will continue to staff and operate the hospital’s outpatient services center, which has remained open ... The hospital is scheduled to reopen in 2013 ... The new nonprofit entity would handle all hiring for the hospital ...
Genie (feral Child) - Hospital Stay
... After Genie's rescue, the doctors at Children's Hospital began teaching her to speak and socialize ... Within a few days of arriving at Children's Hospital Genie started learning to dress herself and began voluntarily using the toilet, although incontinence continued to be a problem for her even ... to take Genie to play in the yard outside the hospital's rehabilitation center, hoping to give her a sense of freedom ...
My Bright Idea - Episodes
... Elliot starts her fellowship at County Hospital and tries not to appear foolish 2 ... "My Rite of Passage" Bill Lawrence Janae Bakken January 3, 2006 (2006-01-03 ... The hospital staff attempt to avoid Jordan to drive her away, and Elliot's fellowship abruptly ends ... Cox's born-again Christian sister, Paige Cox (Cheryl Hines), visits the hospital and wants him to participate in his son's baptism Dr ...

Famous quotes containing the words staff and/or hospital:

    In public buildings set aside for the care and maintenance of the goods of the middle ages, a staff of civil service art attendants praise all the dead, irrelevant scribblings and scrawlings that, at best, have only historical interest for idiots and layabouts.
    George Grosz (1893–1959)

    The sun his hand uncloses like a statue,
    Irrevocably: thereby such light is freed
    That all the dingy hospital of snow
    Dies back to ditches.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)