The surname Horkheimer (means "from Horkheim, Heilbronn") may refer to:

  • Max Horkheimer, Jewish-German philosopher and sociologist
  • Rudolf Horkheimer (1894 - 1982), German engineer
  • Jack (Foley) Horkheimer, American astronomer and television host
  • 11409 Horkheimer

Other articles related to "horkheimer":

Star Gazers - Content
... Horkheimer used catchy phrases to help viewers remember the procedures for locating astronomical bodies ... Another method Horkheimer used to teach viewers about the stars was to tell stories about them ... When astronomical events were in the news, Horkheimer would speak of them, giving viewers much more detailed information ...
Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer
... Jack Horkheimer was probably best known for his naked-eye astronomy television show Jack Horkheimer Star Hustler, which started in 1976 and was broadcast nationally in 1985 ... Created, produced and written by Horkheimer, the show changed its name to Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer in 1997 because Internet searches were ...
Star Gazers - Hosts
... Jack Horkheimer was the creator, writer and original host of the series until his death on August 20, 2010 ... Horkheimer created the series in 1976 in cooperation with WPBT ... Horkheimer often appeared on news programs to host astronomical events ...
Jack Horkheimer
... Jack Horkheimer (born Foley Arthur Horkheimer June 11, 1938 – August 20, 2010) was the executive director of the Miami Space Transit Planetarium ... He was best known for his astronomy show Jack Horkheimer Star Gazer, which started airing on PBS on November 4, 1976 ...