Horizontal Gaze Palsies

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Conjugate Gaze Palsy - General Notes and Classification - Horizontal Gaze Palsies
... Horizontal gaze palsies affect gaze of both eyes either toward or away from the midline of the body ... Horizontal gaze palsies are generally caused by a lesion in the brain stem and connecting nerves, normally in the pons ...

Famous quotes containing the words horizontal and/or gaze:

    True. There is
    a beautiful Jesus.
    He is frozen to his bones like a chunk of beef.
    How desperately he wanted to pull his arms in!
    How desperately I touch his vertical and horizontal axes!
    But I can’t. Need is not quite belief.
    Anne Sexton (1928–1974)

    The zoo cannot but disappoint. The public purpose of zoos is to offer visitors the opportunity of looking at animals. Yet nowhere in a zoo can a stranger encounter the look of an animal. At the most, the animal’s gaze flickers and passes on. They look sideways. They look blindly beyond.
    John Berger (b. 1926)