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Mongol Invasion Of Poland - Aftermath
... Lithuanians also attacked Smolensk and menaced Torzhok, tributaries of the Golden Horde, in c. 1259, 18 years after the first attack to Poland, two tumens (20,000 men) from the Golden Horde, under the leadership of Berke, attacked Poland after raiding Lithuania ... This attack was commanded by the young prince Nogai Khan and general Burundai ...
Nogai Horde
... Nogai Horde, Nogai Yortu was a confederation of about eighteen Turkic and Mongol tribes that occupied the Pontic-Caspian steppe from about 1500 until they were pushed west by the Kalmyks and ... tribe called the Manghits constituted a core of the Nogai Horde ... In the thirteenth century leader of the Golden Horde Nogai Khan a direct descendant of Genghis Khan through Jochi, formed an army of the Manghits ...
Talabuga - Military Career - European Campaigns
... He attended the Mongol invasion of Lithuania with Nogai under the command of Burundai in 1259 ... Alongside Nogai Khan, he led the second Mongol invasion of Hungary in 1284-1285 and the third Mongol raid against Poland in 1287 ... ordered to go on the raid on Hungary together with Tulabuga and Nogai as well in 1285 ...

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