Hooker Island

Hooker Island (Russian: остров Гукера; Ostrov Gukera) is one of the most important islands of Franz Josef Land. It is located in the central area of the archipelago at 80°14′N 53°01′E / 80.23°N 53.02°E / 80.23; 53.02. It is administered by the Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia.

The highest point in Hooker Island is the southwestern ice dome Kupol Dzhensona (Купол Дженсона), at 576 m.

Hooker Island's northwestern cape, Mys Alberta Markgama, is named after Sir Albert Hastings Markham; the northeastern cape is called Mys Lyuis Pul. The westernmost cape is Mys Dandy and the southwestern one is Mys Ugol'nyy. The southernmost cape is called Mys Sesil Kharmswort.

On Hooker Island's western side there is a bay in an unglaciated area, Tikhaya Bay (Бухта Тихая, 80°20′N 52°47′E / 80.333°N 52.783°E / 80.333; 52.783). A large seabird colony exists near Tikhaya Bay at Skala Rubini (Скала Рубини, Rubini Rock, 80°18′N 52°50′E / 80.3°N 52.833°E / 80.3; 52.833), a spectacular rock formation on Hooker Island's shore. This place is the home of many birds.

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