Hong Kong Order of Precedence - Hong Kong SAR Order of Precedence

Hong Kong SAR Order of Precedence

  1. Chief Executive (Leung Chun-ying, GBM, GBS, JP)
  2. Chief Justice of the Court of Final Appeal (Geoffrey Ma)
  3. Former Chief Executive:
    1. Tung Chee Hwa, GBMa
    2. Donald Tsang, GBM
  4. Chief Secretary for Administration (Carrie Lam, GBS, JP)
  5. Financial Secretary (John Tsang, JP)
  6. Secretary for Justice (Rimsky Yuen, SC, JP)
  7. President of the Legislative Council and Members of the Executive Council:
    1. President of the Legislative Council (Jasper Tsang, GBS, JP)
    2. Convenor of the Executive Council (Lam Woon-kwong, GBS, JP)
    3. Other members of the Executive Council:
      1. Cheng Yiu-tong, GBS, JP
      2. Laura Cha, GBS, JP
      3. Secretary for Transport and Housing (Anthony Cheung, GBS, JP)
      4. Secretary for Home Affairs (Tsang Tak-sing, GBS, JP)
      5. Secretary for Labour and Welfare (Matthew Cheung, GBS, JP)
      6. Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Chan Ka Keung, GBS, JP)
      7. Anna Wu, GBS, JP
      8. Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Gregory So, JP)
      9. Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs (Raymond Tam, JP)
      10. Arthur Li, GBS, JP
      11. Andrew Liao, GBS, SC, JP
      12. Chow Chung-kong
      13. Secretary for Security (Lai Tung-kwok, SBS, IDSM, JP)
      14. Cheung Hok-mingac, GBS, JP
      15. Secretary for Education (Eddie Ng, SBS, JP)
      16. Fanny Law, GBS, JP
      17. Secretary for the Civil Service (Paul Tang, GBS, JP)
      18. Secretary for Food and Health (Ko Wing-man, BBS, JP)
      19. Barry Cheung, GBS, JP
      20. Cheung Chi-kong, BBS
      21. Franklin Lam
      22. Secretary for the Environment (Wong Kam-sing, JP)
      23. Bernard Chan, GBS, JP
      24. Starry Leeb, JP
      25. Secretary for Development (Paul Chan, MH, JP)
      26. Regina Ipb, GBS, JP
      27. Jeffrey Lamb, GBS, JP
  8. Other principal officials:
    1. Commissioner of Police (Andy Tsang, PDSM)
    2. Commissioner, Independent Commission Against Corruption (Simon Peh, SBS, IDSM)
    3. Director of Audit (David Sun, JP)
    4. Commissioner of Customs and Excise (Clement Cheung, JP)
    5. Director of Immigration (Eric Chan, IDSM)
  9. Other members of the Court of Final Appeal and Chief Judge of the High Court:
    1. Permanent Judges of the Court of Final Appeal:
      1. Patrick Chan
      2. Robert Ribeiro
      3. Robert Tang, SBS, JP
    2. Non-Permanent Judges of the Court of Final Appeal:
      1. John B. Mortimer, GBS
      2. Henry Litton, GBM, JP
      3. Frank Stock, JP
      4. Michael Hartmann
      5. Kemal Bokhary
      6. Anthony Mason
      7. Lord Hoffmann
      8. Lord Millett
      9. Thomas Gault
      10. Murray Gleeson, AC
      11. Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury
      12. Lord Walker of Gestingthorpe
      13. Lord Collins of Mapesbury
      14. Lord Clarke of Stone-cum-Ebony
      15. Lord Phillips of Worth Matravers
    3. Chief Judge of the High Court (Andrew Cheung)
  10. Other members of the Legislative Council
    1. Albert Ho
    2. Lee Cheuk-yan
    3. James To
    4. Chan Kam-lam, SBS, JP
    5. Leung Yiu-chung
    6. Lau Wong-fat, GBS, JP
    7. Emily Lau, JP
    8. Tam Yiu-chung, GBS, JP
    9. Abraham Razack, SBS, JP
    10. Tommy Cheung, SBS, JP
    11. Frederick Fung, SBS, JP
    12. Vincent Fang, SBS, JP
    13. Wong Kwok-hing
    14. Joseph Lee, SBS, JP
    15. Andrew Leung, GBS, JP
    16. Wong Ting-kwong, SBS, JP
    17. Ronny Tong, SC
    18. Cyd Ho
    19. Lam Tai-fai, BBS, JP
    20. Gary Chan
    21. Chan Kin-por, JP
    22. Priscilla Leung
    23. Leung Ka-lau
    24. Cheung Kwok Che
    25. Wong Kwok-kin, BBS
    26. Ip Kwok-him, GBS, JP
    27. Paul Tse
    28. Alan Leong, SC
    29. Leung Kwok-hung
    30. Albert Chan
    31. Raymond Wong
    32. Claudia Mo
    33. Michael Tien, BBS, JP
    34. James Tien, GBS, JP
    35. Ng Leung-sing, SBS, JP
    36. Steven Ho
    37. Frankie Yick
    38. Wu Chi-wai, MH
    39. Yiu Si-wing
    40. Gary Fan
    41. Ma Fung-kwok, SBS, JP
    42. Charles Mok
    43. Ray Chan
    44. Ben Chan
    45. Kenneth Chan
    46. Chan Yuen-han, SBS, JP
    47. Leung Che-cheung, BBS, MH, JP
    48. Kenneth Leung
    49. Alice Mak, JP
    50. Kwok Ka-ki
    51. Dennis Kwok
    52. Christopher Cheung, JP
    53. Fernando Cheung
    54. Sin Chung-kai, SBS, JP
    55. Helena Wong
    56. Ip Kin-yuen
    57. Elizabeth Quat, JP
    58. Martin Liao, JP
    59. Poon Siu-ping, BBS, MH
    60. Tang Ka-piu
    61. Ann Chiang, JP
    62. Lo Wai-kwok, BBS, MH, JP
    63. Felix Chung
    64. Christopher Chung, BBS, MH, JP
    65. Tony Tse
  11. Consuls-General (Foreign country diplomats to Hong Kong)
  12. Religious leaders:
    1. Archbishop of Hong Kong (Paul Kwong)
    2. President of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association (Sik Kok Kwong, GBS)
    3. Catholic Bishop of Hong Kong (John Tong Hon, JP)
    4. President of the Confucian Academy (Tong Yun-kai, BBS)
    5. Chairman of the Chinese Muslim Cultural and Fraternal Association (Sat Che-sang)
    6. Chairman of the Hong Kong Christian Council (Yuen Tin-yau)
    7. Chairman of the Hong Kong Taoist Association (Tong Wai-ki, BBS, MH)
  13. Recipients of the Grand Bauhinia Medal:
    1. Lee Quo-wei, GBM, JP
    2. Simon Li, GBM
    3. Elsie Tu, GBM
    4. Tsang Hin-chi, GBM
    5. Chung Sze-yuen, GBM, JP
    6. Arnaldo de Oliveira Sales, GBM, JP
    7. Ng Hong-mun, GBM
    8. Run Run Shaw, GBM
    9. Wong Po-yan, GBM, JP
    10. Anson Chan, GBM, JP
    11. Yang Ti-liang, GBM, JP
    12. William Purves, GBM
    13. Mo Kwan-nin, GBM
    14. Louis Cha, GBM
    15. Jao Tsung-I, GBM
    16. Li Ka-shing, GBM, JP
    17. Yeung Kwong, GBM
    18. Elsie Leung, GBM, JP
    19. David Akers-Jones, GBM, JP
    20. Chiang Chen, GBM
    21. Charles Lee, GBS, JP
    22. Rita Fan, GBM, GBS, JP
    23. Rafael Hui, GBM, GBS, JP
    24. David Li, GBM, GBS, JP
    25. Lee Shau-kee, GBM
    26. Andrew Li, GBM, JP
    27. Henry Hu, GBM, GBS, JP
    28. Cheng Yu-tung, GBM
    29. Chan Sui-kau, GBM, GBS, JP
    30. Henry Tang, GBM, GBS, JP
    31. Hari Harilela, GBM, GBS, JP
    32. Joseph Yam, GBM, GBS, JP
    33. Ronald Arculli, GBM, GBS, CVO, OBE, JP
    34. Edward Leong, GBM, JP
    35. Stanley Ho, GBM, GBS
    36. Victor Fung, GBM, GBS
    37. Tin Ka-ping, GBM
    38. Charles K. Kao, GBM
    39. Leung Chun-ying, GBM, GBS, JP
    40. Allan Zeman, GBM, GBS, JP
    41. Stephen Lam, GBM, GBS
    42. Wong Yan-lung, GBM, SC
    43. Peter Woo, GBM, GBS, JP
    44. Lui Che Woo, GBM, GBS, JP
  14. Heads of universities
    1. President of the City University of Hong Kong (Kuo Way, JP)
    2. President and Vice-Chancellor of the Hong Kong Baptist University (Albert Chan)
    3. President of the Lingnan University (Chan Yuk-shee, BBS, JP)
    4. Vice-Chancellor/President of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Joseph Sung, SBS)
    5. President of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Timothy W. Tong, JP)
    6. President of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (Tony F. Chan)
    7. Vice-Chancellor and President the University of Hong Kong (Tsui Lap-chee, JP)
    8. President of the Open University of Hong Kong (John Leong, SBS, JP)
    9. President of the Hong Kong Shue Yan University (Henry Hud)
  15. Other members of the High Court:
    1. Justices of Appeal of the Court of Appeal
      1. Wally Yeung
      2. Peter Cheung
      3. Maria Yuen
      4. Susan Kwan
      5. Joseph Paul Fok
      6. Carlye Chu
      7. Michael Lunn
    2. Judges of the Court of First Instance
  16. Public commissioners:
    1. Chairman of the Public Service Commission (Nicholas Ng, GBS, JP)
    2. The Ombudsman (Alan Lai, GBS, JP)
  17. Consuls-in-Charge/Honorary Consuls (Foreign country diplomats to Hong Kong)
  18. Permanent Secretaries, Officials of Directorate Grade 6 Rank and above
    1. Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (Norman Chan, SBS, JP)
    2. Director of the Chief Executive’s Office (Edward Yau, GBS, JP)
    3. Judiciary Administrator (Emma Lau, JP)
    4. Permanent Secretary for Constitutional and Mainland Affairs (Joshua Law, JP)
    5. Permanent Secretary for the Civil Service (Raymond Wong, JP)
    6. Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Andrew Wong, JP)
    7. Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Stanley Ying, JP)
    8. Permanent Secretary for Home Affairs (Raymond Young, JP)
    9. Permanent Secretary for Security (Chang King-yiu, JP)
    10. Permanent Secretary for the Environment / Director of Environmental Protection (Anissa Wong, JP)
    11. Permanent Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury (Au King-chi, JP)
    12. Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing / Director of Housing (Duncan Pescod, JP)
    13. Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Food) (Marion Lai, JP)
    14. Permanent Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development (Elizabeth Tse, JP)
    15. Permanent Secretary for Development (Planning and Lands) (Thomas Chow, JP)
    16. Permanent Secretary for Education (Cherry Tse, JP)
    17. Permanent Secretary for Development (Works) (Wai Chi-sing, JP)
    18. Permanent Secretary for Food and Health (Health) (Richard Yuen, JP)
    19. Permanent Secretary for Transport and Housing (Joseph Lai, JP)
    20. Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare (Annie Tam, JP)
    21. Head of the Central Policy Unit (Vacant)
    22. Director of Home Affairs (Pamela Tan, JP)
    23. Director-General of Civil Aviation (Norman Lo, JP)
    24. Law Officer (Civil Law) (Benedict Lai, JP)
    25. Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation (Alan Wong Chi-kong, JP)
    26. Law Officer (International Law) (Amelia Luk, JP)
    27. Director of Water Supplies (Ma Lee-tak, JP)
    28. Permanent Representative to Geneva Office (Martin Glass, JP)
    29. Director-General of Investment Promotion (Simon Galpin)
    30. Commissioner for Labour (Warner Cheuk, JP)
    31. Commissioner for Tourism (Philip Yung, JP)
    32. Director of Leisure and Cultural Services (Betty Fung, JP)
    33. Commissioner of Inland Revenue (Chu Yam-yuen, JP)
    34. Director of Legal Aid (William Chan, JP)
    35. Director of Highways (Lau Ka Keung, JP)
    36. Solicitor General (Frank Poon, JP)
    37. Commissioner of Correctional Services (Sin Yat-kin, CSDSM)
    38. Director of the Beijing Office (Thomas Tso, JP)
    39. Commissioner for Innovation and Technology (Janet Wong, JP)
    40. Director of Social Welfare (Patrick Nip, JP)
    41. Director of Information Services (Michael Wong Wai-lun, JP)
    42. Director of Public Prosecutions (Kevin Zervos, SC, JP)
    43. Government Chief Information Officer (Daniel Lai, BBS, JP)
    44. Director of Civil Engineering and Development (Hon Chi-keung, JP)
    45. Commissioner for Economic and Trade Affairs to USA (Donald Tong, JP)
    46. Director of Food and Environmental Hygiene (Clement Leung, JP)
    47. Director-General of Telecommunications (Eliza Lee, JP)
    48. Director of Marine (Francis Liu, JP)
    49. Director-General of Trade and Industry (Kenneth Mak, JP)
    50. Director of Fire Services (Andy Chan, FSDSM)
    51. Director of Administration and Development in Department of Justice (Arthur Ho, JP)
    52. Director of Health (Constance Chan, JP)
    53. Permanent Secretary of the Chief Executive’s Office (Alice Lau, JP)
    54. Director of Administration (Vacant)
    55. Law Draftsman (Vacant)
    56. Commissioner for Transport (Vacant)
  19. Judges of the District Court:
    1. Chief Judge of the District Court (Li Hon-leung)
    2. Principal Family Court Judge (Bebe Chu)
    3. Other District Judges
  20. District Council Chairmen
  21. Recipients of the Gold Bauhinia Star
    1. Joseph Wong, GBS, JP
    2. Peter Woo, GBS, JP
    3. John Estmond Strickland, GBS, JP
    4. Raymond Chow, GBS
    5. Cheng Hon-kwan, GBS, JP
    6. Daniel Tse, GBS, JP
    7. Kwong Ki-chi, GBS, JP
    8. Vincent Lo, GBS, JP
    9. Maria Tam, GBS, JP
    10. Nellie Fong, GBS, JP
    11. Tang Hsiang Chien, GBS, JP
    12. Michael Suen, GBS
    13. Antony Leung, GBS, JP
    14. John Chan, GBS, JP
    15. Peter Wong, GBS, JP
    16. Wong Kin-lap, GBS
    17. Benjamin Liu, GBS
    18. Raymond Chien, GBS, JP
    19. Katherine Fok, GBS, JP
    20. Kwong Hon-sang, GBS, JP
    21. Ian Wingfield, GBS, JP
    22. Chung Shui-ming, GBS, JP
    23. Dominic Wong, GBS, JP
    24. David Lan, GBS, JP
    25. Gerald Nazareth, GBS
    26. Woo Chia-wei, GBS
    27. Lee Hon-chiu, GBS
    28. Leung Nai-pang, GBS, JP
    29. Chan Wing-kee, GBS, JP
    30. Robin Chan, GBS, JP
    31. Lau Wah-sum, GBS, JP
    32. Chung Chi-yung, GBS
    33. Denise Yue, GBS, JP
    34. Stephen Ip, GBS, JP
    35. Ambrose Lau, GBS, JP
    36. Michael Wong, GBS, JP
    37. George Ho, GBS, JP
    38. Philip Wong, GBS, JP
    39. Liu Lit-man, GBS, JP
    40. Victor Lo, GBS, JP
    41. James Kerr Findlay, GBS
    42. Henry Cheng, GBS
    43. Martin Barrow, GBS
    44. Edmund Tse, GBS
    45. Lily Yam, GBS, JP
    46. Lee Shing-see, GBS, JP
    47. Selina Chow, GBS, JP
    48. Chang Hsin-kang, GBS, JP
    49. Poon Chung-kwong, GBS, JP
    50. Tam Sheung-wai, GBS, JP
    51. Woo Kwok-hing, GBS
    52. Stuart Harbinson, GBS
    53. Hu Fa-kuang, GBS, JP
    54. Young Tse-tse, GBS, JP
    55. Gordon Siu, GBS, JP
    56. Alice Cheng, GBS
    57. Tsang Yam-pui, GBS
    58. Eric Li, GBS, JP
    59. Philip Wong, GBS
    60. Edward Chen, GBS, JP
    61. James Kung, GBS
    62. Peggy Lam, GBS, JP
    63. Alice Lam, GBS, JP
    64. Moses Cheng, GBS, JP
    65. Lo Ka-shui, GBS, JP
    66. Michael Kadoorie, GBS
    67. Yuan Geng, GBS
    68. Simon Mayo, GBS
    69. Lawrence Fung, GBS
    70. James E. Thompson, GBS
    71. Timothy Fok, GBS, JP
    72. Miriam Lau, GBS, JP
    73. Haider Barma, GBS, JP
    74. Bowen Leung, GBS, JP
    75. Kenneth Fang, GBS, JP
    76. David Eldon, GBS, JP
    77. Michael Sze, GBS, JP
    78. Yuen Mo, GBS, JP
    79. George Choa, GBS, JP
    80. Christopher Cheng, GBS, JP
    81. Yip Wai-jane, GBS
    82. Ng Ching-fai, GBS
    83. Yeoh Eng-kiong, GBS, JP
    84. Vincent Cheng, GBS, JP
    85. Eric Charles Barnes, GBS, JP
    86. Lo Yiu-ching, GBS, JP
    87. Chau How-chen, GBS, JP
    88. Yu Kwok-chun, GBS, JP
    89. Shelley Lee, GBS, JP
    90. Sophie Leung, GBS, JP
    91. Ho Sai-chu, GBS, JP
    92. Jose Yu, GBS, JP
    93. Patrick Ho, GBS, JP
    94. Sarah Liao, GBS, JP
    95. Lee Ming-kwai, GBS, QPM, CPM
    96. Peter Kwong, GBS
    97. Marvin Cheung, GBS, JP
    98. Eddy Fong, GBS, JP
    99. Billy Lam, GBS, JP
    100. Sarah Leung, GBS, JP
    101. Allan Wong, GBS, JP
    102. Anthony Wu, GBS, JP
    103. Ambrose Lee, GBS, IDSM
    104. York Chow, GBS
    105. Michael Stuart-Moore, GBS
    106. Kevin Ho, GBS, JP
    107. Francis Choi, GBS, JP
    108. Alice Tai, GBS, JP
    109. James Wu, GBS
    110. Frederick Ma, GBS, JP
    111. Lee Kai-ming, GBS, JP
    112. Paul Chow, GBS, JP
    113. Victor Hui, GBS, JP
    114. Tai Tak-fung, GBS, JP
    115. Carrie Yau, GBS, JP
    116. Chan Chun-yuen, GBS, JP
    117. Albert Cheng, GBS, JP
    118. Eva Cheng, GBS
    119. Lawrence Lau, GBS, JP
    120. Christina Ting, GBS, JP
    121. Chan Tung, GBS, JP
    122. Teresa Cheng, GBS, SC, JP
    123. Yvonne Choi, GBS, JP
    124. Anthony Rogers, GBS, JP
    125. Jack So, GBS
    126. Tang King Shing, GBS, PDSM
    127. Xu Rongmao, GBS, JP
    128. Doreen Le Pichon, GBS
    129. Rita Lau, GBS
    130. Timothy Tong, GBS
    131. Benjamin Tang, GBS, JP
    132. Gabriel Leung, GBS, JP
    133. Lau Siu Kai, GBS, JP
    134. Philip Chen, GBS, JP
    135. Yeung Ka-sing, GBS, JP
    136. Chung Pui-lam, GBS, JP
    137. Francis Ho, GBS, JP
    138. Sandra Birch Lee, GBS, JP
    139. Felice Lieh-mak, GBS, JP
    140. Ronald James Blake, GBS, OBE, JP
  22. Justices of the Peace
  23. Members of District Councils
    1. District Council Vice Chairmen
    2. Other District Council Members

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