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Canada And Weapons Of Mass Destruction - Nuclear Weapons - Inventory of Canada’s Nuclear Armaments
... BOMARC CIM-10 Warhead W40 7-10 kiloton Honest John Warhead W7 8-61 kiloton CF-104 Starfighter Warhead B57 bomb 5-20 kilotons B28 bomb 70-350 kt B43 bomb 1 Mt VooDoo weapons test Combat Warhead W25 1.5 kilotons ... States Air Force (or Army, in the case of Honest John warheads) ... accompanied by hundreds of US-controlled warheads 56 BOMARC CIM-10 surface-to-air missiles 4 Honest John rocket systems armed with a total of 16 W31 ...
W31 - Uses - MGR-1 Honest John Missile
... The Honest John was a short range surface to surface tactical ballistic missile used by the US Army ... yield variants, also apparently 2, 20, and 40 kilotons, were deployed on Honest John missiles from 1959 to 1987 ... A total of 1,650 Honest John W31 warheads were produced ...
MGR-1 Honest John
... The MGR-1 Honest John rocket was the first nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile in the US arsenal ... The first Army units received their rockets by year's end and Honest John battalions were deployed in Europe in the Spring of 1954 ...
MGR-3 Little John - Description
... for use in airborne assault operations and to complement the heavier, self-propelled Honest John rocket systems. 1956, the first launch of the XM47 Little John occurred ... The Littlejohn differs from the Honest John in not only its size but how it is stabilized in flight ...

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    ‘It’s the same the whole world over;
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