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Causes Of The United States Housing Bubble - 'Mania' For Home Ownership - Belief That Housing Is A Good Investment
... Among Americans, home ownership is widely accepted as preferable to renting in many cases, especially when the ownership term is expected to be at least five years ... over time, as opposed to the utility of shelter that home ownership provides, housing is not a risk-free investment ... The popular notion that, unlike stocks, homes do not fall in value is believed to have contributed to the mania for purchasing homes ...
San Diego, California - Economy - Real Estate
... Prior to 2006, San Diego experienced a dramatic growth of real estate prices, to the extent that the situation was sometimes described as a "housing affordability crisis" ... Median single family home prices more than tripled between 1998 and 2007 ... Growth of real estate prices was not accompanied by comparable growth of household incomes the Housing Affordability Index (percentage of households that can afford to buy a median-priced ...
Loan Modification In The United States - United States 2000s
... Home prices, which were increasing at double-digit rates nationally in 2004 and 2005, have fallen dramatically since (see Chart 1) ... As home prices decline, the number of problem mortgages, particularly in sub-prime and Alt-A portfolios, is rising ... home prices fell only 5 percent, subprime credit losses to investors would total just under $150 billion, and Alt-A credit losses would total $25 billion ...
Timeline Of The United States Housing Bubble - 2007
... home sales and home prices accelerates rather than slowing, with U.S ... the most significant risk to our economy." Home sales continue to fall ... The decrease in existing-home sales is the steepest since 1989 ...
United States Housing Market Correction - Major Downturn and Subprime Mortgage Collapse, 2007 - The Bursting of The Bubble
... the issues of ballooning inventories, falling prices and sharply reduced sales volumes ... approaches", and noted that the median price of new homes had dropped almost 3% since January 2006 that new-home inventories hit a record in April 2006, and remained near ... It also predicted that "the national median price of housing will probably fall by close to 30% in the next three years.. ...

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    Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894)