Home and Away Invitational League

Home And Away Invitational League

The Home and Away Invitational League (HAIL) was an intercollegiate basketball and volleyball league in the Philippines formed in 2004. It was managed by a group led by Far Eastern University Athletic Heads Anton Montinola and Mark Molina.

The member teams were from different leagues around Metro Manila, namely the Ateneo de Manila University, the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, De La Salle University-Manila, Emilio Aguinaldo College, the Far Eastern University, the Lyceum of the Philippines University, the San Beda College, the University of the East, and the University of Santo Tomas.

The first batch of champions in each division were the University of the East for Men's Basketball, the Ateneo de Manila University for Women's Basketball, the Far Eastern University for Men's Volleyball and the Ateneo de Manila University for Women's Volleyball.

Each team was allowed to have up to 3 players who played in the Philippine Basketball League or Shakey's V-League to keep the competition at a collegiate level.

San Beda College did not field teams in the women's division .

In S.Y. 2006-2007, San Sebastian College - Recoletos, FEATI University and Adamson University joined the league.

Member schools
La Salle-Manila


Far Eastern


Santo Tomas


San Sebastian



Emilio Aguinaldo


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