Homage ( /ˈhɒmɨdʒ/ or /ˈɒmɨdʒ/) is a show or demonstration of respect or dedication to someone or something, sometimes by simple declaration but often by some more oblique reference, artistic or poetic.

It was originally a declaration of fealty in the feudal system (see Homage (medieval))—swearing that one was the man (French: homme) of the feudal lord. The concept then became used figuratively for an acknowledgement of quality or superiority. For example, a man might give homage to a lady, so honouring her beauty and other graces. In German scholarship, followers of a great scholar developed the custom of honouring their mentor by producing papers for a festschrift dedicated to him.

The concept now often appears in the arts where one author shows respect to a topic by calling it an homage, such as Homage to Catalonia. Alternatively, creative artists may show respect to a veteran of the field or to an admired practitioner by alluding to their work. In rock music this can take the form of a tribute album or of a sample. As of 2010, the digital techniques used to generate many forms of media make it easy to borrow from other works and this remediation may be used in homage to them.

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... with The Revival, Tony! Toni! Toné! wanted to pay homage to their musical influences with Sons of Soul ... on their direction for the album, stating "We're paying homage to a lot of older artists who paved the way for us artists like the Temptations, Sly and the Family Stone, Earth ... paying homage to our past, but creating in a contemporary environment." ...
Ali: Fear Eats The Soul - Film References
... Ali is in part an homage to the films of Douglas Sirk, in particular Imitation of Life and All That Heaven Allows ... The most overt homage is the scene in which Emmi's son kicks in the television (an important symbol in All That Heaven Allows) after finding out that ... Director Todd Haynes made his own homage to both All That Heaven Allows and Ali Fear Eats the Soul in 2002 with Far From Heaven, which echoes Sirk's films, but is tempered with several themes taken from Fassbinder ...
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... Brook, was an imposing mansion called Bure Homage House with a large associated estate which included Friars Cliff ... It was situated in the area which is now called Bure Homage Gardens, and accessed via the lodge which is still to be seen opposite the Waterford Hotel ...
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Famous quotes containing the word homage:

    Your business is not to catch men with show,
    With homage to the perishable clay,
    But lift them over it, ignore it all,
    Make them forget there’s such a thing as flesh.
    Your business is to paint the souls of men—
    Robert Browning (1812–1889)

    Do homage to thy King,
    And highly praise His humble pomp
    Which He from Heaven doth bring.
    Robert Southwell (1561?–1595)

    Did men but consider that the sun, moon, and stars, and every other object of the senses, are only so many sensations in their minds, which have no other existence but barely being perceived, doubtless they would never fall down and worship their own ideas; but rather address their homage to that eternal invisible Mind which produces and sustains all things.
    George Berkeley (1685–1753)