• (adj): Of or relating to holography or holograms.
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Holographic Grating
... A holographic grating is a type of diffraction grating formed by an interference-fringe field of two laser beams whose standing-wave pattern is exposed to a polished substrate coated with ... Holographic gratings may exhibit less scattered light than ruled gratings ... Due to their sinusoidal groove profile, holographic gratings cannot be easily blazed and their efficiency is usually considerably less than a comparable ruled grating ...
Holographic Algorithm - History
... As with any type of reduction, a holographic reduction does not, by itself, yield a polynomial time algorithm ... Valiant's original application of holographic algorithms used a holographic reduction to a problem where every constraint is realizable by matchgates, which he had just ... Soon after, Valiant found holographic algorithms with reductions to matchgates for #7Pl-Rtw-Mon-3CNF and #7Pl-3/2Bip-VC ...
Holographic Data Storage
... Holographic data storage is a potential technology in the area of high-capacity data storage currently dominated by magnetic and conventional optical data storage ... Holographic data storage records information throughout the volume of the medium and is capable of recording multiple images in the same area utilizing light at ... records information a bit at a time in a linear fashion, holographic storage is capable of recording and reading millions of bits in parallel, enabling data transfer ...
Moysés Baumstein
... In the same year he had his first holographic exhibition at the Museu da Imagem e do Som in São Paulo ... In 1984 he developed a specific holographic technique for chromatic control and began the regular production of technically very elaborate works ... At that time in his holographic studio he began the production of commercial holograms as well as artistic works ...
Computer-generated Holography
... Holography (CGH) is the method of digitally generating holographic interference patterns ... A holographic image can be generated e.g ... by digitally computing a holographic interference pattern and printing it onto a mask or film for subsequent illumination by suitable coherent light source ...

More definitions of "holographic":

  • (adj): Written wholly in the handwriting of the signer.
    Example: "A holographic will"
  • (adj): Written entirely in one's own hand.
    Example: "Holographic document"
    Synonyms: holographical