Hoist may refer to:

  • Hoist (device), a machine for lifting loads
  • Hoist controller, a machine for raising and lowering goods or personnel by means of a cable
  • Hydraulic hooklift hoist, another machine
  • Hoist (mining), another machine
  • Hoist (flag), the half of a flag nearer to the flagpole
  • Hoist (album), by Phish
  • Hoist (Transformers), a toy and fictional character
  • USS Hoist (ARS-40), a Bolster class rescue and salvage ship acquired by the U.S. Navy during World War II
  • Hoist (motion), a parliamentary procedure used in Canadian legislative bodies
  • Patient lift, for lifting people
  • Outliner, filter for viewing

Other articles related to "hoist":

Chesterton Windmill - Workings
... great spur wheel, hurst frame, sack hoist rope passing through the floor trap, and the upper, second, or hoist floor with brake wheel, main gearing (wallover), sack hoist ...
USS Hoist (ARS-40)
... USS Hoist (ARS-40) was a Bolster-class rescue and salvage ship acquired by the United States Navy during World War II ... Hoist was launched 31 March 1945 by the Basalt Rock Company shipyard near Napa, California sponsored by Mrs ...
Smokescreen (Transformers) - Transformers: Armada - Animated Series
... After this, he renames himself Hoist ... by Megatron's requiem blaster, Smokescreen was rebuilt by Red Alert as Hoist ... Hoist went on to have many further battles against the Decepticons, and survived the battles against Unicron ...
Tom Pudding - Development
... of using iron compartments, which would be filled with coal, and emptied by a hoist at Goole ... The hoist would be hydraulic, and they were already considering the introduction of hydraulic power at Goole to operate the locks ... include three 'train boats' costing £1,100 each, a hoist at £2,500, and the hydraulic equipment to operate both the lock and the hoist ...
Level Luffing Crane - Powered Level-luffing
... sophisticated, it became possible to control the level of luffing directly, by winching the hoist cable in and out as needed ... systems used mechanical clutches between luffing and hoist drums, giving simplicity and a "near level" result ... controls and quickly reversible motors with good slow-speed control to the hoist winch motors, so as to give a positioning accuracy of inches ...