• (noun): An itchy skin eruption characterized by weals with pale interiors and well-defined red margins; usually the result of an allergic response to insect bites or food or drugs.
    Synonyms: urtication, urticaria, nettle rash

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Beekeeping Helmet - Origins - Evolution of Hive Designs
... Langstroth's design for movable comb hives was seized upon by apiarists and inventors on both sides of the Atlantic and a wide range of moveable comb hives were designed and ... Classic designs evolved in each country Dadant hives and Langstroth hives are still dominant in the USA in France the De-Layens trough-hive became popular and in the UK a British National Hive became ... In some Scandinavian countries and in Russia the traditional trough hive persisted until late in the 20th Century and is still kept in some areas ...
Schnitzler Syndrome
... is a rare disease characterised by chronic hives (urticaria) and periodic fever, bone pain and joint pain (sometimes with joint inflammation), weight ... The urticarial rash is non-itching in more than half of cases, which is unusual for hives ... Chronic hives and a monoclonal gammopathy have been proposed as the major criteria, while the others represent minor criteria ...
Chronic Urticaria
... Urticaria (from the Latin urtica, nettle,) commonly referred to as hives, is a kind of skin rash notable for pale red, raised, itchy bumps ... Hives might also cause a burning or stinging sensation ... Hives are frequently caused by allergic reactions however, there are many nonallergic causes ...
Chronic Urticaria - Classification - By Cause - Dermatographic Urticaria
... Dermographism is a common form of chronic hives ... is the most common form of a subset of chronic hives, acknowledged as "physical hives" ... The hives should develop within a few minutes ...
Alexander Morrison (judge) - Family
... In 1978, Morrison married the Hon ... Philippa Hives, younger daughter of Ernest Hives, 1st Baron Hives, CH ...

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    Solitude is not measured by the miles of space that intervene between a man and his fellows. The really diligent student in one of the crowded hives of Cambridge College is as solitary as a dervis in the desert.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    For the rest, whatever we have got has been by infinite labour, and search, and ranging through every corner of nature; the difference is that instead of dirt and poison, we have rather chosen to fill our hives with honey and wax, thus furnishing mankind with the two noblest of things, which are sweetness and light.
    Jonathan Swift (1667–1745)