History of Young Physicists' Tournament in Russia - The YPT Logo

The YPT Logo

Two horses and armed knights with mc2 and h shields seem to have appeared in 1981 or 1982. They were firstly used as the YPT logo in a publication in Kvant magazine in February 1982. However, the drawing was slightly different, with minor discrepancies to the current logo, commonly accepted in 1990s.

While in 1980s the writing on the second shield was E=ħ (with the reduced Planck's constant and angular frequency), it was replaced with just h in 1990s. The formula E=mc2 has similarly lost the left-hand side of the equation.

The first known appearance of the current logo was on the diplomas presented to the winners of the 6th IYPT in 1993.

The author of these logos has not been reported for the longest time and remained unknown to most IYPT community until early 2008. "Oh, the author is Babaev, from the Department of Physics, Moscow State University. He has drawn these horses by hand", Evgeny Yunosov unveiled the mystery in a brief 2008 interview.

Released in February 1982, or earlier.

Released in August 1985, or earlier.

Released in 1993, or earlier.
Commonly used since then.

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