Highly Recommended

Highly Recommended was a six-part Irish lifestyle game show broadcast each Sunday on RTÉ One at 20:30. Presented by Joe Duffy, the premise was that members of the general public would compete each week to convince a panel of consumer experts that their deal ought to be "Highly Recommended" (hence the title of the show). The panel, consisting of Ben Dunne, Conor Pope and Barbara McCarthy, scrutinised the deals placed before them whilst Duffy embarked on a trek into the studio audience to ask its opinions. A debate ensued and, if the deal stayed strong and the panel remained convinced, the consumer in question won a total of €2000. Topics incurred ranged from health insurance, medical and dental holidays, electrical goods, online shopping and weddings. The public could also give their opinion by voting on an online poll to determine whether they "Highly Recommended" the featured deals. The results were then featured at the beginning of the next show. The show aired in November 2007.

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