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Generalizations Of The Derivative - Derivatives in Analysis - Higher-order Derivatives and Differential Operators
... derivatives more than once, obtaining derivatives of second and higher order ... several derivatives, possibly of different orders, in one algebraic expression, a differential operator ... the differential equation may be rewritten in the form    where    is a second order linear constant coefficient differential operator acting on ...
Higher-order Singular Value Decomposition
... method for multi-way arrays (also known as N-arrays, higher-order arrays, or data-tensors) with all the properties of a matrix singular value decomposition (SVD) ... Property (a) is extended to higher order by a class of closely related constructions known collectively as CP decomposition (named after the two most popular and general variants, CANDECOMP ... Property (b) is extended to higher order by a class of methods known variably as Tucker3, N-mode SVD, and N-mode principal component analysis (PCA) ...
Soliton (optics) - Stability of Solitons
... with a particular shape (just sech for the first order) with a particular power related to the duration of the impulse ... are very stable for example, if we will generate a first order soliton anyway if N is greater we'll generate a higher order soliton, but the focusing it does while propagating may cause high power ... of shorter (temporal) light pulses or over a longer distance, we need to consider higher-order corrections and therefore the pulse carrier envelope is governed by the higher-order nonlinear Schröding ...
Conditional Random Field - Description - Higher-order CRFs and Semi-Markov CRFs
... CRFs can be extended into higher order models by making each dependent on a fixed number of previous variables ... This provides much of the power of higher-order CRFs to model long-range dependencies of the, at a reasonable computational cost ...
Multilevel Model - Alternative Ways of Analyzing Hierarchical Data
... One could disaggregate higher-order variables to the individual level, and thus conduct an analysis on this individual level (for example, assign class variables to the individual level) ... to aggregate individual level variables to higher-order variables and then to conduct an analysis on this higher level ... Thus, the problem with using a random-coefficients model in order to analyze hierarchical data is that is still not possible to incorporate higher order variables ...

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