Higher Criticism

  • (noun): The scientific study of biblical writings to determine their origin and meaning.

Some articles on higher criticism, higher, criticism:

Fundamentalist–Modernist Controversy - William Jennings Bryan and The General Assembly of 1923 - Background: Darwinism and Christianity - William Jennings Bryan
... Bryan had concluded that Darwinism and the modernism of Higher Criticism were allies in promoting liberalism within the church, thereby in his view undermining the ... Now that Bryan had linked Darwinism and Higher Criticism as the twin evils facing the Presbyterian Church, Harry Emerson Fosdick responded by defending Darwinism, as well ...
Historical-critical Method - History of Higher Criticism
... The phrase "higher criticism" became popular in Europe from the mid-18th century to the early 20th century, to describe the work of such scholars as Jean Astruc (mid-18th century ... this is the body of work properly considered "higher criticism", though the phrase is sometimes applied to earlier or later work using similar methods ... Higher criticism originally referred to the work of German biblical scholars of the Tübingen School ...
Historical-critical Method - Controversy of Critical Methods - Views On Higher-criticism
... Higher criticism was recognized to varying extents, by Orthodox Jews and many traditional Christians, yet they often found that higher critics gave ... and naturalistic presuppositions of a large number of practitioners of higher criticism, which lead to conclusions that conservative scholars find unscientific ... in his encyclical Divino Afflante Spiritu "extual criticism.. ...
Contents of The Fundamentals (and Authors)
... Pierson History of the Higher Criticism - Dyson Hague A Personal Testimony - Howard A ... Kyle Fallacies of the Higher Criticism - Franklin Johnson Christ and Criticism - Robert Anderson Modern Philosophy - Philip Mauro Justification by Faith - H ... Mullins Christianity No Fable - Thomas Whitelaw My Personal Experience with the Higher Criticism - J ...
Journal Of Higher Criticism
... The Journal of Higher Criticism (JHC) was an academic journal presenting "articles dealing with historical, literary, and history-of-religion issues from the perspective of higher criticism", published by the ... scholarship as "a toothless tiger or worse yet, covert apologetics wearing the Esau-mask of criticism" and advocated a return to the "golden era of bold hypotheses and ...

Famous quotes containing the words criticism and/or higher:

    It is ... pathetic to observe the complete lack of imagination on the part of certain employers and men and women of the upper-income levels, equally devoid of experience, equally glib with their criticism ... directed against workers, labor leaders, and other villains and personal devils who are the objects of their dart-throwing. Who doesn’t know the wealthy woman who fulminates against the “idle” workers who just won’t get out and hunt jobs?
    Mary Barnett Gilson (1877–?)

    To higher or lower ends, they [the majority of mankind] move too often with something of a sad countenance, with hurried and ignoble gait, becoming, unconsciously, something like thorns, in their anxiety to bear grapes; it being possible for people, in the pursuit of even great ends, to become themselves thin and impoverished in spirit and temper, thus diminishing the sum of perfection in the world, at its very sources.
    Walter Pater (1839–1894)