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Norman Borlaug - Expansion To South Asia: The Green Revolution
... The initial yields of Borlaug's crops were higher than any ever harvested in South Asia ... High yields led to a shortage of various utilities — labor to harvest the crops, bullock carts to haul it to the threshing floor, jute bags, trucks, rail cars, and grain storage facilities ... In Pakistan, wheat yields nearly doubled, from 4.6 million tons in 1965 to 7.3 million tons in 1970 Pakistan was self-sufficient in wheat production by 1968 ...
Private Equity In The 2000s - Bursting The Internet Bubble and The Private Equity Crash (2000–2003) - Stagnation in The LBO Market
... which made up a large portion of the overall high yield universe of issuers, dragged down the entire high yield market ... since the 1990 market collapse rising to 6.3% of high yield issuance in 2000 and 8.9% of issuance in 2001 ... The major collapses of former high-fliers including WorldCom, Adelphia Communications, Global Crossing and Winstar Communications were among the most ...
List Of Bond Market Indices - High-yield Bonds
... CSFB High Yield II Index (CSHY) Merrill Lynch High Yield Master II Bear Stearns High Yield Index (BSIX) Other fixed income indices include credit derivative swap indices, mortgage-backed ...

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    Henry Brooks Adams (1838–1918)

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