High Point Friends School

High Point Friends School, also known locally simply as "Friends School" is a Quaker institution in High Point, North Carolina. High Point Friends School (HPFS) is an independent, secondary Quaker school serving approximately 300 students, ages 12 months through 8th grade.

Founded by members of High Point Monthly Meeting in 1963, HPFS is guided by the ideals of acceptance, compassion, equality and non-violence. It is known for experiential learning methods, the excellence of its academic program, and its community service component.

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... The South Woods adjacent to High Point Friends School is a rare surviving fragment of native forest near downtown High Point ... In 2003, 50 years after completion of the meetinghouse, the lower school building of High Point Friends School opened just north of the woods ... The proximity of the school to the woods ensured use of the woods by future students of the school for science, ecology, biology, geology and tree identification ...

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