High Mass

High Mass may mean:

  • Solemn Mass, a Tridentine Mass celebrated with deacon and subdeacon (international and general United States usage)
  • Missa Cantata, a sung Tridentine Mass without deacon and subdeacon (usage among United States Catholics)

The renowned liturgist Adrian Fortescue declared that the Missa Cantata "is really a low Mass, since the essence of high Mass is not the music but the deacon and subdeacon".

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Solemn Mass - Importance Within Tridentine Mass
... Solemn or High Mass is the full form of Tridentine Mass and elements of the abbreviated forms can be explained only in its light This high Mass is the norm it is only in the complete rite with deacon and ... Thus, the rubrics of the Ordinary of the Mass always suppose that the Mass is high ... Low Mass, said by a priest alone with one server, is a shortened and simplified form of the same thing ...
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Solemn Mass
... Solemn Mass (Latin missa solemnis), sometimes also referred to as Solemn High Mass or simply High Mass, is, when used not merely as a description, the full ceremonial form of the Tridentine Mass, celebrated by a priest ... The term "High Mass" is also used in the United States to describe the less elaborate Missa Cantata, which lacks deacon and subdeacon and some of the ... These terms distinguish the form in question from that of Low Mass and Missa Cantata ...

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