Hermione may refer to:

  • Hermione (given name), a female given name
  • Hermione (mythology), only daughter of Menelaus and Helen in Greek mythology and original bearer of the name
  • Hermione Granger, a main character in the Harry Potter novels and films
  • HMS Hermione, seven ships of the Royal Navy
  • French frigate Hermione (1779), a French frigate that carried La Fayette to join the American fight for independence in 1780
  • USS Hawk (IX-14), formerly called Hermione
  • 121 Hermione, an asteroid
  • Cadmus et Hermione, an opera by Jean-Baptiste Lully
  • Ermioni, a resort town in Greece originally called Hermione
  • HERmione, a novel
  • Hermiones, The Irminones, a group of early Germanic tribes
  • Hermione (Tallulah, Louisiana), a Greek Revival building built in 1855 in Tallulah, Louisiana
  • Hotspot Ecosystem Research and Man's Impact On European Seas (HERMIONE), an EU-funded deep-sea research project
  • Letter to Hermione, a song from the album Space Oddity by David Bowie
  • Sony Ericsson P990, a mobile phone codenamed Hermione
  • A character in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale

Other articles related to "hermione":

Hugh Pigot (Royal Navy Captain) - Hermione
... Pigot took command of HMS Hermione on 10 February 1797, making a habit of giving preferential treatment to members of the crew who had previously served under him ... In April Pigot aboard Hermione, and acting in company with HMS Mermaid, HMS Drake, HMS Penelope and HMS Quebec succeeded in cutting out nine merchants at the Battle of Jean-Rabel under fire from enemy batteries, and ... In an incident in May 1797 the Hermione narrowly escaped being wrecked thanks to the efforts of one of her lieutenants, Harris, but a ship sailing in company with the Hermione went aground ...
Cruciatus - O - Obliviate (Memory Charm)
... In Deathly Hallows, Hermione uses the spell on two Death Eaters who had followed Harry, Ron, and Hermione after their escape from Bill Weasley and Fleur's wedding ... Also used by Hermione on Xenophilius Lovegood after destroying his house in Deathly Hallows ...
Hermione Of Ephesus
... Saint Hermione of Ephesus (died 117 AD) is a 2nd century Christian martyr venerated by the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches ... In the Acts of the Apostles, Hermione is called a prophetess ...
Hermione, Countess Of Ranfurly - Works
... of the Countess of Ranfurly, 1939–1945 (1994) The Ugly One The childhood memoirs of Hermione, Countess of Ranfurly, 1913–1939 (1998) ...
Cadmus Et Hermione
... Cadmus et Hermione is a tragédie en musique in a prologue and five acts by Jean-Baptiste Lully ... concerns the love story of Cadmus, legendary founder and king of Thebes, Greece, and Hermione (Harmonia), daughter of Venus and Mars ... With Cadmus et Hermione, Lully invented the form of the tragédie en musique (also known as tragédie lyrique) ...