• (adj): Tending to check bleeding by contracting the tissues or blood vessels.
    Synonyms: styptic

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Instruments Used In Obstetrics And Gynecology - Instruments Used in Obstetrics and Gynecology
... Giant vulsellum Mucus sucker - disposable or metal Forceps Long straight hemostatic forceps Allis tissue forceps Babcock's forceps Lanes tissue forceps Uterus holding forceps ... - Koplick's jar (open) used for Papanicoulau smear Upper-Long straight hemostatic forcepsLower-Kocher's hemostatic forceps ...
Chitosan - Usage - Biomedical Uses
... in the United States and Europe for use in bandages and other hemostatic agents ... Chitosan hemostatic products have been shown in testing by the U.S ... Chitosan hemostatic products reduce blood loss in comparison to gauze dressings and increase patient survival ...
Bone Wax
... but is considered to have no active hemostatic properties (ie does not activate the blood clotting cascade) ... Hemostatic putties act via tamponade in the same way as the stick waxes, but are ready to use and eliminate the requirement to soften the product prior ... Examples of commercially available hemostatic tamponades are shown in the table below Brand Name Maker Format Non absorbable Bone Wax CP Medical kneadable stick Bone Wax Ethicon ...