Hell Below/Stars Above

Hell Below/Stars Above is the second album by the Toadies. After Interscope Records rejected the Toadies's first attempt at a second album (otherwise known as the Feeler sessions), Hell Below/Stars Above was a second attempt at a follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut Rubberneck. This album featured several songs from the Feeler sessions, although all of the tracks were completely re-recorded.

Hell Below/Stars Above was completed more than a year before its release on Interscope Records in March 2001. The Toadies broke up shortly after its release due to internal conflicts within the band. They rejoined in 2008, without bass guitarist Lisa Umbarger, to record a new album, No Deliverance.

Two more songs were recorded as b-sides, both of which were originally part of the Feeler sessions. "Joey, Let's Go" was released on a Monitor This! compilation and "Waterfall" was not officially released.

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