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Craters Of The Moon (geothermal Site) - History
... The geysers at Wairakei Geyser Valley totally disappeared, but the heat output at Craters of the Moon increased ... In 1950, the total heat output at Craters of the Moon was about 40 MW (megawatts) ... After 1964 the output declined to about 220 MW in 1979 ...
Portable Stove - Solid-fuel Stoves - Natural Fuel, Forest Wood Debris
... and, with the fan turned on, burns at a high heat output of 15,000 BTUs/hr (4.40 kW), about twice that of typical gasoline stoves ... a chamber for partial biomass gasification and additional mixing to increase heat output and provide a cleaner, more complete burn ... remains locked up in the smoke and soot, solid fuel releases less heat, gram for gram ...

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    Lizzie Borden took an axe
    And gave her mother forty whacks;
    When she saw what she had done,
    She gave her father forty-one.
    —Anonymous. Late 19th century ballad.

    The quatrain refers to the famous case of Lizzie Borden, tried for the murder of her father and stepmother on Aug. 4, 1892, in Fall River, Massachusetts. Though she was found innocent, there were many who contested the verdict, occasioning a prodigious output of articles and books, including, most recently, Frank Spiering’s Lizzie (1985)

    The hotel was once where things coalesced, where you could meet both townspeople and travelers. Not so in a motel. No matter how you build it, the motel remains the haunt of the quick and dirty, where the only locals are Chamber of Commerce boys every fourth Thursday. Who ever heard the returning traveler exclaim over one of the great motels of the world he stayed in? Motels can be big, but never grand.
    —William Least Heat Moon [William Trogdon] (b. 1939)