Heart Rate

Heart rate is the number of heartbeats per unit of time, typically expressed as beats per minute (bpm). Heart rate can vary as the body's need to absorb oxygen and excrete carbon dioxide changes, such as during physical exercise or sleep.

The measurement of heart rate is used by medical professionals to assist in the diagnosis and tracking of medical conditions. It is also used by individuals, such as athletes, who are interested in monitoring their heart rate to gain maximum efficiency from their training. The R wave to R wave interval (RR interval) is the inverse of the heart rate.

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Atrial Fibrillation - Diagnosis - Extended Evaluation - Exercise Stress Testing
... be unclear if the shortness of breath is due to a blunted heart rate response to exertion caused by excessive AV node blocking agents, a very rapid heart rate ... An exercise stress test will evaluate the individual's heart rate response to exertion and determine if the AV node blocking agents are contributing to the symptoms ...
Conconi Test
... individual's maximum anaerobic and aerobic threshold heart rates ... The test measures a person's heart rates at different loads (e.g ... The points are plotted on a graph with heart rate on one axis and load^2 or heart rate on the other axis the graph's deflection point indicates the aerobic threshold ...
Lobeta - β1 Blockade
... Penbutolol acts on the β1 adrenergic receptors in both the heart and the kidney ... which alters the movement of calcium ions in heart muscle and increases heart rate ... Penbutolol blocks this and decreases heart rate, which lowers blood pressure ...
Heart Rate - As A Risk Factor
... A number of investigations indicate that faster resting heart rate has emerged as a new risk factor for mortality in homeothermic mammals, particularly cardiovascular mortality ... Faster heart rate may accompany increased production of inflammation molecules and increased production of reactive oxygen species in cardiovascular system, in ... There is a correlation between increased resting rate and cardiovascular risk ...
Standard Metabolic Rate - Cardiovascular Implications
... Heart rate is determined by the medulla oblongata and part of the pons, two organs located inferior to the hypothalamus on the brain stem ... Heart rate is important for basal metabolic rate and resting metabolic rate because it drives the blood supply, stimulating the Krebs cycle ... is defined as the energy utilization level of heart rate exertion that occurs without oxygen during a standardized test with a specific protocol for accuracy of measurement, such as the Bruce Treadmill protocol (see ...

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