He Is Risen (The Sopranos) - Media References

Media References

  • When Tony tells Carmela to disinvite Ralphie and Ro for Thanksgiving Dinner, he references The Jetsons, stating Ralph's not going to Mr. Spacely's house for dinner.
  • Silvio warns Tony that Ralph is the type to pull a "Jack Ruby" on you, referring to the song, "Jack Ruby", from Camper Van Beethoven's 1989 Key Lime Pie album. In the song, Ruby is described as "...the kind of man who beats his horses or the dancers who work at a bar."
  • When Jackie Junior comes into Ro's kitchen, Ralph greets him, "Hey, Fabian!"
  • The deaths of Elvis Presley and Don Simpson. At the funeral of Gigi Cestone (who dies of heart failure while on the toilet), all are in agreement that Gigi's death, while natural, was arguably one of the most embarrassing ways to go. Anthony Soprano states that it's "..how Elvis went." Silvio Dante mistakenly replies, "That guy in Hollywood, too. 'Don' something. Producer of The Simpsons."
  • Tony references Sun Tzu's The Art of War on a couple of occasions.

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