HDC is an acronym that can stand for:

  • Hyundai Development Company, a Engineering & Construction Company in South Korea
  • The Home Depot Center, a 27,000-seat soccer stadium in Carson, CA that serves as home to the Los Angeles Galaxy and Chivas USA
  • The Human Defense Corps, a fictional branch of the United States Armed Forces appearing in stories published by DC Comics
  • Henry Draper Catalogue, a star catalogue
  • Holder in due course, a term used in law
  • Herräng Dance Camp, an annual international dance camp in Sweden
  • half double crochet
Technology and computing
  • /dev/hdc, the master device on the second ADA channel
  • High-Definition Coding, an audio compression codec
  • Handle of Device Context (hDC), Handle for Device Context in GDI (Windows Programming)
  • Hard Disk controller, a component of the hard disk drive
  • half.com, a fixed price site owned by eBay - the "DC" standing for "dot com"
  • hackers.com, an old and now extinguished anonymous BBS about technologies - the "DC" standing for "dot com"
Biology and Science
  • Histidine decarboxylase, the enzyme that catalyzes the reaction which produces histamine from histidine
  • Heat-denatured Casein, used with phosphate buffered saline (PBS) as a blocking buffer

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... Heavyweight Dub Champion, also known as HDC, is rooted in electronic music, but they create their unique style by using real and acoustic instruments fused with synthetic and electronic elements ... HDC is perhaps best known for their live performance, in which they use a massive amount of vintage and electronic gear to perform what they call "Sonic Shamanistic Alchemy" ... The LA Weekly says, "The main HDC aesthetic is a cooled-out groove.. ...
Real Defense
... to honor a negotiable instrument even if it has been transferred to a holder in due course (or "HDC") because it makes the instrument “void” according to Uniform ... failure of consideration), which cannot protect the maker against the claims by an HDC ...
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Heavyweight Dub Champion - Live Performance
... HDC has gained notoriety by appearing in prime slots in prominent West Coast Festivals including Reggae Rising, Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Monterey Bay Reggae Festival, Joshua Tree Music Festival ... In addition, 2007 brought HDC to some of Europe's better known festivals as well including Eurockeennes and Furia Sound Festival in France and Fusion Festival in Germany ... and sequences generated exclusively at HDC's own Champion Nation Studios ...