Haw Wars

The Haw Wars (Thai: สงครามปราบฮ่อ), so called in Thai, were fought against Chinese quasi-military forces invading parts of Tonkin and Siam during the years of 1865 to 1890. Forces invading Lao domains were particularly ill-disciplined and freely plundered Buddhist temples. Not knowing these were remnants of the aftermath of the Taiping Rebellion led by Hong Xiuquan, a heterodox Christian convert, the invaders were confused with Chinese Muslims from Yunnan called Haw (Lao: ຮໍ່; Thai: ฮ่อ; RTGS: Ho; Mandarin Chinese: Hui. Forces sent by King Rama V failed to suppress the various groups, the last of which eventually disbanded in 1890.

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Haw Wars - Aftermath
... made enquiries into the origins and purpose of the Haw invaders ... The Haw continued their depredations until the mid-1890s, when a combination of Siamese and ultimately French pressure forced them to retreat to China ... Today the Haw Wars are all but forgotten ...

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