Hatta may refer to:

  • Hatta, Gaza, an Arab village in Palestine depopulated in 1948
  • Hatta, Madhya Pradesh, a village in Damoh District, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • the Hatta number, a dimensionless parameter in chemical reaction engineering
  • Hatta, United Arab Emirates, a Sheikhdom in the United Arab Emirates, and its capital
  • Hatta, another name for the Keffiyeh
  • The Hatter, a character in Through the Looking-Glass, by Lewis Carroll

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Hatta Number
... The Hatta number was developed by Shirôji Hatta, who taught at Tohoku University ... It is a dimensionless parameter that compares the rate of absorption of a solute, A, in a reactive system (NA0) to the rate of absorption of the same solute A in the case of physical absorption (NA0phys) ...
Mopah Airport - Airlines and Destinations
... Airlines Destinations Batavia Air Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta, Jayapura Garuda Indonesia Jakarta-Soekarno-Hatta, Jayapura Lion Air Jakarta-Soekarno Hatta, Jayapura Merpati Nusantara ...
Second Hatta Cabinet
... The second Hatta Cabinet (Indonesian Kabinet Hatta Kedua) was Indonesia's ninth cabinet ...
Hatta, United Arab Emirates
... Hatta is a sheikhdom in the Hajjar mountains ... Its capital town is also named Hatta, which includes a reconstructed heritage village by the same name ... Hatta is about 115 km (71 mi) east of Dubai City ...
Sjafruddin Emergency Cabinet - The End of The Emergency Cabinet
... On 7 May the Dutch agreed to the release of Sukarno and Hatta, who would order a ceasefire once they returned to Yogyakarta ... On 6 July Sukarno, Hatta and republican leaders arrived back in Yogyakarta, followed by the PDRI cabinet ... In a meeting on 13 July chaired by Hatta, Sjafruddin reported to Sukarno on the activities of the emergency cabinet ...