Hatching System

Hatching System

The system of heraldry has two main methods to designate the tinctures of arms in uncolored illustrations: hatching and tricking. Hatching, i.e. patterns of lines and dots, is the most common method to designate colours on uncoloured surfaces, like engravings, seals and coins.

The present day hatching system was developed during the 1630s by Silvester Petra Sancta and Marcus Vulson de la Colombière. Some earlier hatching methods were also developed, but did not come into wide use.

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Hatching System - Other Modern Usages
... The basic Petra Sancta system was adopted in the modern world by industrial engineers as a standard system of colors and hatch patterns for use in planning factories and material handling systems ...
Silvester Petra Sancta - The Dispute Between Petra Sancta and De La Colombière
... Today Petra Sancta is known primarily as the inventor of the modern hatching method in heraldry published in 1638 ... However, his hatching system is identical with that of de la Colombière from 1639 ... publishing it in his 1638 work, one year before the same hatching system was published by de la Colombière ...

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