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Hasselt is at the junction of important traffic arteries from several directions. The most important motorways are the European route E313 (Antwerp-Liège) and the European route E314 (Brussels-Aachen). Hasselt itself is enclosed by 2 ring roads. The outer ring road serves to keep traffic out of the city centre and main residential areas. The inner ring road, the so-called "Green Boulevard", serves to keep traffic out of the commercial centre, which is almost entirely a pedestrian area. There are also important traffic arteries to Tongeren, Sint-Truiden, Maastricht, Genk, Diest and Eindhoven.

The city lies within approximately an hour's drive from the airports of Brussels, Liège, Maastricht-Aachen, Antwerp, Cologne-Bonn, Düsseldorf and Charleroi. Within a three hour radius, the major hubs of Amsterdam, Frankfurt, and Paris can be reached. Private aircraft can land in Hasselt itself, on the airfield of Kiewit.

The town has a major train station, but train links are currently neither high speed, nor covering all directions. High speed train stations are closest in Liège and Leuven. Most critically, since the second world war, Hasselt lacks any direct train route linking it to the Ruhr valley area of Germany, nor Maastricht.

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