Hasidic Dynasty

A Hasidic dynasty is a dynasty of Hasidic spiritual leaders known as rebbes, and usually has some or all of the following characteristics:

  1. Each member of the dynasty is a spiritual leader, often known as an ADMOR (abbreviation for ADoneinu MOreinu Rabeinu - "our master, our teacher and our rabbi") or simply as Rebbe (or "the Rebbe") and at times called the "Ruv" ("the rabbi") and sometimes referred to in English as a "Grand Rabbi";
  2. It continues beyond the initial leader's lifetime by succession (usually by a family descendant);
  3. It is usually named after a key town in Eastern Europe where the founder may have been born or lived, or where the group began to grow and flourish;
  4. It has (or once had) followers who, through time, continue following successive leaders (rebbes) or may even continue as a group without one leader by following the precepts of a deceased leader.

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