Harry Orchard

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Steve Adams (Western Federation Of Miners) - The Haywood Trial - Clarence Darrow Intervenes
... was his now-repudiated confession which appeared to have been coerced, as Harry Orchard's confession was coerced ... The difference appeared to be that there was clear evidence of Orchard's guilt in the Steunenberg murder, and perhaps in a string of crimes, but little or no evidence linking the others ... Adams had been dining well and provided with fine cigars since signing his confession, as had Harry Orchard ...
Labor Spies - Case Histories and Analysis - Colorado's Goldmine and Mill Strike of 1903–04 - Intrigue and Uncertainty During The Colorado Labor Wars
... And, there is the special case of Harry Orchard ... Harry Orchard was convicted of murder in the assassination of Frank Steunenberg, an ex-governor of Idaho ... But first, at McParland's prompting, Orchard tried (and failed) to take three leaders of the WFM with him ...

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    Some spring the white man came, built him a house, and made a clearing here, letting in the sun, dried up a farm, piled up the old gray stones in fences, cut down the pines around his dwelling, planted orchard seeds brought from the old country, and persuaded the civil apple-tree to blossom next to the wild pine and the juniper, shedding its perfume in the wilderness. Their old stocks still remain.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Money certainly brings out the best in you, doesn’t it?
    Mark Hanna, and Nathan Hertz. Harry Archer (William Hudson)